Property Management-Zoning and Right of Way


Occasionally a department, campus, agency, extension, or party interested in UNL’s access, boundaries, or use of real property will find themselves in need of zoning a particular parcel for a different use. This may mean zoning to or from agricultural use, residential use, business use, industrial use or others. This is a formal process that is done through the Lancaster County Zoning department and, if within municipality boundaries, typically a city planning department.

Typically, this process involves a formal application and defense before a county committee or city council after going through formal process. It may take several months to successfully complete.

Please contact us using our contact information found in the sidebar to tell us which piece of real property you would prefer re-zoned and why, and we will contact you momentarily to begin this process upon UNL approvals.


Right of Way

A City or County’s “right of way” refers to public areas for transport or travel between parcels of real property. This may refer to streets, sidewalks, channels and other types of property. Often a project will require “right of way” access to lay utility lines, complete construction of a project, or connect a facility to existing utility infrastructure.

This process requires permitting through public agencies. If your project requires access to the public right of way, or if you believe UNL has some interest in occupying or accessing the right of way, please contact us for assistance.