Property Management-Purchase and Sale

UNL’s Real Estate Management group begins, facilitates, and keeps records of all purchase, sale, or other alienation of real property on behalf of the University.

The University welcomes any individual, company, or other entity, which owns or manages real property, to inquire as to the whether the University is interested in any real property in the State of Nebraska and elsewhere.

The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska owns and manages real property over the expanse of the State of Nebraska, including, of course, its educational campuses, but also: agricultural land, office buildings, research fields, residential housing, and other types of real property. If a parcel of real property is located in close proximity or is adjacent to property the University owns or manages, it may increase the likelihood that the University would be interested in purchasing such that parcel.

Please feel free to reach out to our Real Property Management group through the contact information on the sidebar if you believe that the University may be interested in specific real property based on its location, use, or other characteristics. Please provide us with your contact information and a general description of the real property so that we may begin assisting you as quickly as possible.

If the University decides to act upon an interest in real property, the Real Property Management group will guide the purchase process, ensuring compliance with State laws, Board of Regents policy, and any other authorities or requisites.

The University of Nebraska also disposes of real property through sale and other alienation pursuant to State law and Board of Regents policy. If you, your company, or other entity is interested in the purchase of a parcel of real property owned by the University, please contact us through the information on the sidebar, leaving your contact information and a description of the University owned property.