Real Estate-Project Support

Real Estate supports construction and planning projects in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing historical data to project planners, managers, contractors, and other interested parties. This data may include ownership, use, and structure data as it relates to real property.
  • Arranging temporary and permanent access for University personnel as well as appropriate vendors
  • Generating and facilitating of utility easements
  • Providing construction easements for the placement of University personnel, constructors, or equipment on third party real property during construction
  • Providing boundary information for use by project managers and others, including the bounds of campus, lots, right-of-ways or any other property demarcation
  • Providing infrastructure and zoning information for parcels of real property
  • Providing procedure support, including: Board of Regents procedures for demolition, disposal, and addition to real property and associated structures; public land procedures, including use of right-of-way; the alternation and addition of building identifying information for construction of new construction, or additions to existing facilities