Real Estate-About Our Services

Real Estate is and has been in the business of negotiating and managing the acquisition and disposition of real property on behalf of its members, departments, and in furtherance of its educational mission for decades.

All University real property functions start with us.  Please use the sidebar to navigate to a variety of different real estate functions, which include but are not limited to: 

  • Support procedures to acquire real property on behalf of the Board of Regents and requests to dispose of University real property. This includes surveys, appraisal and environmental studies.
  • Generate, facilitate, and manage all leases, licenses, and leaseholds in which the University holds an interest.
  • Receive and process Public Notices related to real property.
  • Provide construction project support. Beyond real property disposition arrangements, this includes access arrangements for construction, easements for utilities, and notices to relevant parties.
  • Provide all real property support related to the University’s planning functions.
  • Support property taxes and special assessments.
  • Support zoning, zoning action, or right of way issues surrounding University real estate or will have an impact on real estate functions.
  • Provide executive orders necessary to facilitate construction work or University functions on public ground in the Lincoln area.
  • Generate University Building information, including addresses, names, and other identifiers.
  • Generate and maintain maps of the University campuses as well as outstate property and leaseholds.
  • Manage cellular infrastructure real property relationships with the University.
  • Generate and maintain easement relationships between the University and others.
  • Manage all record keeping of real estate functions, including historical and present ownership information, disposal records, historical use of real property, recorded interests, leases, achieved leaseholds, licenses, and all other real property historical records, and files information within a fireproof vault.

If you have any questions, please use the “contact us” function or call 402-472-4810.