Completed Projects

Veterinary Diagnostic Center

Project Scope

The proposed project will be a 65,000 gross square foot facility to replace the existing inadequate and outdated 18,000 gross square foot building on a new site on East Campus. The new facility will include diagnostic and research labs, animal labs, offices and support facilities. The new Center will effectively address the emerging bio-containment and bio-terrorism issues associated with contemporary food and animal safety to meet and exceed Amercian Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians accreditation standards.

East Campus Residence Hall

Project Scope

The project will construct a 145,000 gross square foot residence hall on the site of the Biochemistry Hall on UNL’s East Campus. The residence hall will house 370 students in two different styles of housing: 240 beds in a traditional/pod living style and 130 beds in apartment style units. The building will be four stories and designed with separate wings for the two different types of units.

17th Street Dining Complex

Project Scope

The project will construct the 17th Street Dining Complex to replace the Cather-Pound-Neihardt Dining Center on UNL’s City Campus. The proposed 17th Street Dining Complex will include three major components: A Dining Center, Housing Program space, and Housing Offices of approximately 28,372 net square feet (NSF), 14,482 NSF, and 9,324 NSF respectively for a total of 52,178 NSF. The Housing Program space will support functions held by University Housing and social space for students. The Housing program space can accommodate 500 students while the new Housing

Love Library North Learning Commons

Project Scope: 28,502 gross square feet of space
•A Learning Commons on the first floor which transforms Love North into an academic crossroads where students can gather and collaborate at the heart of city campus.
•A Learning Commons which operates as a student-centered space with coordinated resources and services, where students come together to study, learn, and socialize in a comfortable, flexible place.

Manter Hall Renovation

Vision: “This facility will positively transform the way we educate students in the life sciences through digital learning, interactive classrooms and laboratories that support active learning, group problem solving and student engagement.  Ultimately, it will enhance learning outcomes, undergraduate research, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration in a forward-thinking, flexible environment.”
    -Valery Forbes, Dir. Biological Sciences and Executive Team

East Campus Utility Plant Chiller #4 Addition

Project Scope: Main focus of the project is an addition to the existing Thermal Energy Storage (TES) building to house a new 2500 Ton chiller.  A new, 2 cell cooling tower will also be constructed to the west of the addition.  The project also includes a new cooling tower drain down basin, pumps and plate-and-frame heat exchangers for winter time cooling.  These heat exchangers will be used to charge the TES tank when outside temperatures are 38 Deg F or below, thereby saving electrical costs.  Estimated annual energy savings are more than $50K.

CCUP East Cooling Tower

Project Scope: Replacement of existing East cooling tower at city campus plant.  The project will demolish the existing Marley cross flow tower and replace with new 4 cell counter flow cooling tower on the existing tower's concrete water basin.   The existing tower is designed for roughly a 17,000 GPM flow rate, and the replacement tower will be roughly the same capacity.

John Breslow Ice Hockey Center

The 53,393 gross square foot ice arena at 433 V Street in the Haymarket area features a single National Hockey League sized sheet of ice for ice related sport clubs, including men’s and women’s hockey, curling and broomball, as well as intramural sports leagues and activities and public recreational ice skating. The rink can seat 700 spectators and includes staff offices, team locker rooms, a training room, referee locker rooms, coaches’ offices, equipment storage space, an ice resurfacer room, and maintenance areas.