Cather Hall, Pound Hall and Cather-Pound Dining Center Demolition

May, 2017 to November, 2018

image of cather-pound

Scope:  Constructed in 1963,  Cather and Pound Residence Halls are 13-story towers located with a two-story Dining Center in the middle, connecting all three buildings; all totaling 245,000 GSF.  Renovation of the Cather and Pound Residence Halls was not recommended due to the high cost of renovation compared to replacement with newer facilities.  Two methods of demolition will be used to complete the project.  The CPN Dining Center will be demolished first, with typical methods of heavy equipment used to dismantle the building.  Cather Hall and Pound Hall will be demolished by means of building implosion.  Implosion has been recommended for the two tower structures due to the difficulty and extended duration of demolition and debris removal that would occur with the alternative method of using heavy equipment. 

$7.3 million