17th Street Dining Complex

October, 2015 to March, 2017

17street dining complex photo

Project Scope

The project will construct the 17th Street Dining Complex to replace the Cather-Pound-Neihardt Dining Center on UNL’s City Campus. The proposed 17th Street Dining Complex will include three major components: A Dining Center, Housing Program space, and Housing Offices of approximately 28,372 net square feet (NSF), 14,482 NSF, and 9,324 NSF respectively for a total of 52,178 NSF. The Housing Program space will support functions held by University Housing and social space for students. The Housing program space can accommodate 500 students while the new Housing Office space will provide office and support space for 50 staff members. The Center will serve primarily students in the Knoll Residential Center, University Suites, Eastside Suites and Neihardt Residential Hall. It is expected to serve an average of 2,800 meals a day.

$33.1 Million