Project Planning

Where Do I Start?

Project will fall into three categories:

Capital Projects:  projects with budgets over $2 Million 

These are more complex capital projects to construct new buildings, renovate or add large areas and/or building systems and require an intensive project procedure which begins with the Capital Project Planning Process.  Because of the budget threshold these project require Board of Regents and other special approvals.  The timeline for these projects can range from 18-54 months.

Capital Projects:  projects with budgets between $500,000 and $2 Million 

These capital projects typically involve renovation or addition of large areas or improvement to building systems while they do not require BOR approval there are other special approvals needed to complete these projects and they will have to follow the Capital Projects Planning procedures similar to the larger projects. The timeline for these projects can range from 9-36 months. 

Minor Project:   projects with budgets under $500,000

Minor projects typically are to renovate a single area or minor renovation of multiple classrooms, offices, labs or other spaces.  These projects begin with a request for an estimate. Please fill out the  Request an FPC estimate form  to begin the process.  If you have any questions please contact FPC at 402-472-3131 for assistance.  The time to complete a minor project can range from 2-18 Months.

Project Design / Construction Delivery Options

The following is a brief overview of the major types of project design and construction delivery options typically used at UNL.  The choice of which delivery option to use on a particular project depends on many factors including: scope, schedule, budget, funding sources, etc. 

Design-Bid-Build (DBB)

This is the traditional and most well-known process with design, bidding, and construction performed in separate, sequential steps. Construction contract is awarded to the lowest bidder, who then utilizes the subcontractors included in the bid.

Design-Build (DB)

Design and construction services are provided under a single Design-Build (DB) contract initiated at the beginning of the project. A DB contract is awarded on the basis of price and qualifications, in a one- or two-step selection process.

Construction Manager at Risk (CMR)

This option can be viewed as a combination of DBB and DB methods.  A/E services are contracted directly as with DBB.  However, construction is performed through a “Construction Manager at Risk” (CMR - typically a general contractor).  The CMR  works with UNL and the A/E through design and then bids and manages subcontracts to complete the work. The CMR must complete the project within an agreed-upon Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) amount, or else is “at risk” to cover the additional costs.

Unit-Price Contracts

This option uses open-end construction contracts with general contractors and/or subcontractors who are pre-selected and qualified then awarded individual project contracts by a competitive process facilitated by UNL Procurement Services.  These contractors then perform multiple small to medium projects as necessary over the course of the contract duration.