Landscape Architecture


Contact Emily Casper  Campus Landscape Architect (402) 472-4795

The Campus Landscape Architect serves as steward of the exterior campus environment and supports the university’s master plan and implementation principles by enhancing the quality of the teaching and learning environment. Working closely with units across campus, the CLA serves as a technical resource involved with review and policy and guideline development for campus site improvements, including new construction & renovation projects, lighting, wayfinding signage, transportation and plant material use.

The Campus Landscape Architect provides the following services:

  • Oversees conformance of site planning, site and landscape design of projects with the Campus Master Plan and Architectural and Landscape Guidelines
  • Review of all exterior design elements including hardscapes, plantings, signage, furnishings, public art and lighting
  • In-house site and landscape design services
  • Project Management of site focused projects and design studies
  • Member of Aesthetic Review Committee and Executive Campus Planning Group
  • Landscape Architectural support services for campus service units

Architectural and Landscape Design Guideline Waiver.pdf

Plan Big UNL Campus and Landscape Master Plans Executive Summary.pdf

Plan Big UNL Campus and Landscape Master Plans.pdf

Plan Big UNL Campus Architectural and Landscape Guidelines.pdf