The new system-wide Facilities organization for the University of Nebraska was approved by the President and Chancellors on April 9, 2018, and includes Facilities Planning & Construction (FPC). To view the Facilities organizational structure, Click Here.

Facilities Planning & Construction continues to offer full project support services through Capital Construction, Minor Construction, Engineering, Project Controls, and the University Code Official/ State Fire Marshal. These services are offered for UNK, UNL, UNO, and all their outstate facilities.

Facilities state funds will no longer be used to provide for project management services.  At UNK and UNO, fees are charged for project management services; please see the lump sum fee structure below.  Building permits, design, planning, and study fees are charged as applicable to each project.  UNL previously operated under a “fee for service” structure with no facilities state funds used for project management services; UNL has transitioned to the same lump sum fee structure.  As at UNK and UNO, building permits, design, planning, and study fees are charged as applicable to each project.  Permit fees are shown separately of the other fees in the project budget.  The new billing began July 1, 2018.

  • The Project Management (PM) Service fee is based on the estimated total cost of the project and the fee schedule shown in Figure 1 below.  The PM fee is charged monthly over periods of major project milestones.
  • The Building Permit fee is based on Construction Costs and is billed monthly for the duration of construction.  
  • The Professional Service fee applies to internal design, planning, and studies, and is based on an approved estimate of time and effort required to perform the work.  A lump sum monthly fee is billed over the period of those efforts. 
  • Campus Support services continue to be offered without charge to a campus unit. These services include initial cost estimations, facility records maintenance, GIS mapping, design guideline administration, facility condition assessments, general code inquiry responses, faculty support and collaboration, and other general inquiry responses.

Questions, comments and other feedback may be e-mailed to

Figure 1.  NU Project Management Fee Schedule
Total Project Cost PM Fee
$0 - $499K* 4.75%
$500K - $999K 3.75%
$1M - $3.99M 3.50%
$4M - $4.99M 3.25%
$5M - $9.99M 3.00%
$10M - $19.99M 2.75%
$20M - $24.99M 2.50%
$25M - $49.99M 2.25%
$50M - $74.99M 2.00%
$75M - $99.99M 1.75%
$100M - $149.99M 1.50%
$150M - $199.99M 1.25%
$200M+ 1.00%

*Where total project cost is less than $100,000, the PM fee is a one-time charge early in the project.