Easements and Access

Depending on who you are, who you represent, and your interest or use in or on University of Nebraska real property, you may require temporary or permanent access to University property, its utilities, underneath university property, or within or upon one of its facilities. Examples of such access needs include utility construction, temporary easements for construction, the construction and placement of cable or fiber lines, and easements based on location, such as near the parameters of campus.

Additionally, University Departments often have access needs to real property that is not owned by the university. This may be for construction, utilities, or use.

An agreement between the University and another party may take the form of an easement, typically in a more permanent arrangement, but may also be a temporary contract, license, or term of days access arrangement.

If you are seeking access to University property, please contact us using the information provided in the sidebar. Our Real Estate Management group will inform you what type of agreement is likely required and provided the University is interested, will guide you through the process of creation of this agreement on the University’s behalf.