Capital Projects


Contact Brooke Hay  Assistant Director, Manager of Capital Projects 
(402) 472-5182

Larger projects of $500k or more are initiated through the Capital Project Planning Procedure and includes five steps prior to project commencement:

  1. Program Concept - Proposal of a project concept by a University faculty, staff, chair, dean or other university stakeholder. The goal of concept proposal is to define a scope of work which translates academic or departmental initiatives into potential facilities needs to determine if a capital construction project is necessary.
  2. Needs Assessment - Feasibility & Conformance with Master Plan managed and coordinated by IRP & FPC
  3. Early Budget Estimates -  APC Approval of  Project Initiation Request (PIR)
  4. Programming / Planning – gathering information of needs and requirements of the project
  5. Formal Program Statement – Develop the Program Statement – submit for BOR approval

The requirements and procedures are available at the IRP website:

After Board of Regents (BOR) approval the typical capital project will proceed through the following phases with the guidance and leadership of FPC project management team.

  • Architectural Programming
  • Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding
  • Construction
  • Post Construction