CAD Drafting Standards

CAD Drafting Standards

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Facilities Planning and Construction Department (UNL FPC) is responsible for archiving electronic “as-built” construction documents produced as part of capital construction projects. 

UNL FPC is also responsible for generating and maintaining accurate electronic floor plans for all campus facilities.  These floor plans support many campus entities and initiatives including telecommunications, building automation systems, CCTV, access control, maintenance management, security, Institutional Research & Planning (IRP) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

In addition, UNL FPC staff performs Architectural/Engineering design services on an in-house basis for some capital construction projects. 

In order to support UNL FPC’s missions, a well-defined and detailed set of Computer Aided Design (CAD) standards are required in order to maximize efficiencies and usability.

This document details UNL FPC’s CAD standards for the production and delivery of CAD documents for all capital construction projects.

CAD Drafting Standards.pdf