Building & Fire Safety-Permits and Approvals

Much like any municipality, Building Permits are required for nearly every construction activity on campus, or any of its outlying stations. For projects managed by Facilities Planning and Construction, permits are processed internally, with any associated fees accounted for within the project.

If authorized work is to be done outside of Facilities Planning & Construction, the person responsible for doing the work shall obtain a Permit. Acceptable plans and other documentation, as required, shall be submitted along with the Permit application. A Permit fee will apply, based on the value of the work. Once arrangements have been made to cover the Permit fee, the Permit will be issued. The work shall not begin or proceed until the Permit has been obtained.

Once the Permit has been posted, the person responsible for the work shall request required inspections at the appropriate times. Failure to do so may result in extra charges being incurred.

Inspections can be requested at

To apply for a Building Permit, click here.

For an explanation of Design Requirements, click here.

To request a Building Inspection, click here.