Building Fire & Safety-Impairments

General Information

Impairments are situations whereby Fire & Life Safety Systems need to be taken off-line.  Impairments are caused by equipment failures, maintenance, tie-ins and accidents or installation of new equipment or parts.

When a system is impaired, immediate corrective action shall be taken, or an approved plan of action shall be set in place.


Notifications communicate the nature of the impairment, the expected duration, and actions to mitigate risk.  

The following campus units are notified of impairments and the systems’ return to normal service:

  • Building & Fire Safety
  • University Police
  • Building Systems Maintenance
  • Operator

Notice is given immediately upon discovery of an unplanned impairment.  Whereas, a planned impairment and its action plan are submitted to for prior approval.

Fire Watch

Planned impairments affecting a building system for longer than four hours or for an unknown period of time require a Fire Watch.

The person responsible for performing the Fire Watch maintains a log.  A copy of the log is submitted to upon completion of the Fire Watch.

Fire Watch requirements: click here.

Fire Watch Log form, click here.


For questions or reporting impairments, contact